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Night Prayers Ascending (2001, rev. 2002)

Nor Height, Nor Depth (2012)


Angles of Repose (2008-09)

clarinet (, 2 percussion, piano

Atomic Variations (2006)

saxophone (sop., alto, ten., bari.) or, electric guitar, percussion, piano

Campus Stellae (2014)

e-flat clarinet and piano

Chaconne and Toccata (2012)

flute, cello, piano

Concertino for Flute, Percussion and Electronics

Percussion quartet, flute, optional electronics

Confluences (2014)

alto saxophone, bassoon

Cuatro Escenas del Cante Jondo (2018)

bassoon, piano

Elysium Remembered (2015)

cello and piano

Fractures of Elysium (2003)

violin, cello, piano

Namasté (2008)

string quartet

Passages (2008)

violin (or flute) and piano

Three Expeditions (2010)

euphonium and piano

Three Visions of El Greco (2014)

tuba and piano

Winter's Burst (2011)

flute, clarinet, percussion, piano, violin, cello


Aurora (2016)

SATB unaccompanied chorus

Ballads of the Borderland (2016)

treble choir, SATB choir, mezzo-soprano soloist, clarinet, violin, cello, piano

(from Let the Word Go Forth) (2012)

SATB with piano

Corpus Christi Carol (2013)

SATB unaccompanied chorus

Crisis of Conscience (from Let the Word Go Forth) (2012)

SATB with piano

Epistle: Quid Quaeritis Viventum Cum Mortuis (2011)

SATB unaccompanied chorus

Eulogy (from Let the Word Go Forth) (2012)

SATB with piano

Inauguration (from Let the Word Go Forth) (2012)

SATB with piano

It Is A Beauteous Evening (2011)

TTBB chorus with piano accompaniment

No Greater Love (2011)

SATB unaccompanied chorus

O, Great Mystery! (2009)

SATB unaccompanied chorus

Prayer of St. Bede (2018)

SA treble choir (with division) and organ

To the Moon (from Let the Word Go Forth) (2012)

SATB with piano


Tres Contraponientes (2004, 2014)

high voice and piano

Maly Hugh (2012)

contralto, flute, viola, piano

Solo (non keyboard)

Respite (2006)


Salutations (1999)