Duration8 minutes

Instrumentation: solo piano

Program note:

"The contemplative neo-Romantic Passages for Piano wends its parallel yet remarkably mutable theme through a host of rhythmic and harmonic contexts. Amid the regular prodding of trills and a compelling series of starts and restarts, the intervening variations maintain allegiance to this original motive without stifling its development. Often restless, the motive struggles through various extremes of register and tempo only to find an uneasy repose in a qualified final tonic lying a mere step above its original key. Initially searching but optimistic in mood, the melody’s setting is notably subdued at its last appearance, somehow commuted for a statement less expectant in character. As the composer observes, this 'short, lyrical litany meditates on the various passages of life—the exquisite moments of transition between the static, stable moments, be they expiration, renewal, or birth.'"

--Ryan Patrick Jones

Passages (piano)

PDF score (8.5 x 11)

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