Duration: 12 minutes

Program Note: Concertino for Flute, Percussion and Electronics is a multi-movement rumination on three moments of existence. The first movement, "First Light: Amber," envisions the world in a new, primordial state. Here, one imagines the protagonist viewing with fresh eyes what has never been seen. Objects and the relationships between them are devoid of history and perspective, and flourish unabated absent the weight of ambition. The second movement, "Ritual," ponders the habits, impulses, and rituals of existence. Here, the motives and gestures assume a motoric, mechanical identity as if impelled by unconscious, intuitive instinct. The third movement, "Meditation: Deep Blue," represents the perspective of a life lived. Where the first movement connotes innocence, the final movement portrays experience, as the various components of life are ultimately observed, weighed, and evaluated from the distance of years.

Premiere: March 4th, 2015 by the UTSA percussion ensemble under the direction of Sherry Rubins, with Dr. Rita Linard as soloist.

Concertino for Flute, Percussion, and Electronics (score and parts)

This is a complete score and set of parts for Concertino for Flute, Percussion, and Electronics. At the time of purchase, I will make available the Ableton Live set that accompanies this piece. 

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